About Kimberlite

Kimberlite Management Services Limited started its operations in August 2008. It is located in the heart of Limassol, the International Business Centre of Cyprus. Its founder is a UK trained Chartered Accountant with many years experience in the accountancy profession and in industry.

The main goal of the company is to provide a complete portfolio of corporate, accountancy and consultancy services for companies and individuals doing business in Cyprus.

As a newly formed company, our ambition is to grow together with our clients and in that respect we have a very competitive fee structure without compromising the quality of our service. To ensure the best service for our clients, we work together with a network of associate independent professionals.

According to Wikipedia: "kimberlite is a type of rock best known for sometimes containing diamonds. It is named after the town of Kimberley in South Africa, where the finding of a large kimberlite pipe in the 1870s spawned a diamond rush."

Kimberlite is therefore associated with wealth and success and in Kimberlite Management Services Limited we are committed in helping our clients achieving these goals.